Chukwudi Okafor – Youth Sports Coach – DADDYOFAPRO, Chicago, IL


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I am a youth mentor and motivational speaker that specializes in developing aspiring professional sports players. Daddyofapro was created based out of my passion for providing educational and motivational information to all types of youth sports players based on my educational background and my experiences raising a professional basketball player that was signed as a third draft pick in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

We facilitate programs at Daddyofapro based on the common setbacks that prevent many youth from persevering as professionals into their sports of passion. Our programs provide opportunities for all youth whether at risk or not and we focus on providing youth mentoring programs, educational programs and financial literacy workshops to better prepare young future athletes for their careers, whether in the NBA, NFL or other types of local and international sports organizations.

As an avid sports fan, college basketball player and high school basketball coach, my passion lies in continuously providing youth sports programs and creating opportunities based on my insights into professional sports. We are available to speak and participate at youth gatherings, school functions and after school programs to name a few. We also host youth programs and look to partner with organizations, businesses and parents with a like minded mission.

Feel free to connect with me to learn more about our curriculum and how we can assist with youth sports mentoring and professional development.

Profession – Youth Sports, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur 

Markets Illinois –  Chicago, Chicagoland, Orland Park

Specialties – Sports Mentor, Youth Mentor, Professional Development

Education – Chicago State – BS, Physical Education, American Intercontinental University, MEd

Hobbies – Golfing, Sports Activities, Travelling